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Stress Test – Summer 2020

STRESS TEST – SUMMER 2020 2020 should be a year Marty McFly is told to avoid as he climbs into his time traveling Delorean!  Always looking for silver linings, I’ve liked articles pointing to the huge progress that has followed major plagues throughout history. (um, why do we need major plagues to figure this stuff out?) […]

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Storytelling – Thanksgiving 2019

STORYTELLING – THANKSGIVING 2019 This Thanksgiving, I’m especially grateful for the consultants and colleagues who offer their time, great work and inspiration. I couldn’t do it without you! Inside you’ll find a story about Jennifer Lader, who has helped me with articles in these newsletters and other writing for the last three years. Wishing you the […]

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Artistic Motivation – Spring 2019

ARTISTIC MOTIVATION – SPRING 2019As the school year winds down, college seniors like our Katelin are looking at seemingly endless possibilities. For the 55+ group, decisions may seem more final – but the same feelings can exist at opposite ends of the timeline. I like the spiritual perspective that opportunities are ever-present if we only […]

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